target (legend of the ir'indicti #3)

target (legend of the ir'indicti #3)

Target (Legend of the Ir'Indicti #3)

"It's our God given right to bear arms and hunt any animal." Congressman Jack Howard looked quite distinguished—from the threads of gray at the temples of his carefully cut hair to the designer jeans, cowboy shirt and snakeskin boots he wore. He smiled and blew smoke from the expensive Cuban cigar Obediah Tanner offered.

He and Tanner stood inside Tanner's trophy room, which was elaborately decorated with various stuffed heads. In some cases, the entire, taxidermic animal adorned the spacious room. A very rare white buffalo, mounted on a stand, took up the center of Obediah's favorite space. Obediah often used the buffalo's short horns to hang his Stetsons.

"And you're tellin' me this girl is a unicorn? I thought those were myth." Jack Howard blew a plume of smoke toward the ceiling.

"You'll know the truth of it when her head hangs in your lodge," Tanner said, lifting a glass of whiskey to his lips.

A move from Cloud Chief, Oklahoma, is forced after the Dark Elemaiya locate the paranormal community. Star Cove, Texas, a coastal community, is Ashe's new home. Other enemies crop up, however, in the form of shapeshifter-hunting, drug-running werewolf brothers, Obediah and Ezekiel Tanner. Throw in a trigger-happy congressman and Ashe has his hands full!